[sw-l] New member from Czech Republic

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Feb 2 16:46:50 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
February 2, 2005

> is it possible to change or add Handshape in signmaker?
> In Czech Sign Language we have some different handshapes.
> Thanks
> Honza

Dear SW List members, and Honza!
Welcome to the SignWriting List, Honza. It is great to have contact
with signers from the Czech Republic! I can see you already found the
Czech Sign Puddle. Do you know Martin Novak, who is also on the SW

Yes...we have 195 handshapes in SignMaker. Be sure to use FireFox or
another fast web browser, when using SignMaker online, because the
symbols load faster, when you use FireFox. For more information, go to:

Which Web Browser to Use for SignMaker?

To access the other handshapes, click on one of the hand symbols. Wait
a second to let the web browser load the symbols, and you will find a
new list of other handshapes in that group of hands...Click on one of
those, and you will have all the palm facings and rotations...

So in summary, each of the ten handshapes represents a whole group of
hands, and you need to click on one of those handshapes, to get to
other hands in that group...

I will create a diagram for you next message...and I will post it to
the SignWriting List...

Val ;-)

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