[sw-l] Reading Diacritics in SignMail program...

Signuno signuno at YAHOO.FR
Wed Feb 2 17:00:25 UTC 2005

--- Lucyna Dlugolecka <deafie at gmx.net> a écrit :

> > http://www.SignBank.org/signpuddle/sgn-WO

This seems to use Latin-1 (i.e. is not international)
and so can't use Polish Maltese etc.

http://www.SignBank.org/signpuddle/sgn-WO and
http://www.SignBank.org/signpuddle/sgn-EO should be
like http://www.SignBank.org/signpuddle/sgn-PL i.e.
use UTF-8 (the international character encoding).



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