[sw-l] International Mother Language Day use of SW

Signuno signuno at YAHOO.FR
Wed Feb 2 17:18:51 UTC 2005

 --- Adam Frost <icemandeaf at YAHOO.COM> a écrit :
> Signuno,
> I would be more than glad to translate into ASL.
> BTW, I am still working on the other document that
> you asked before. I have not forgotten. ;-)

Thanks, I do hope that one day SW can be among the
translations at http://lingvo.org/2/3 but there is no
rush.  I guess we're all very busy.

> Because
> I do not have access to an SW programs at the
> moment, the only way that I can give you the
> translation when it is done is by posting it on my
> webpage. I will let you know as soon as it is done,
> which I hope will be sooner than later.
> Adam

That's great (and posting on your website would be
perfect).  The text is not too long nor too difficult.
 International Mother Language Day is the 21st of this
month, but it would be best if I had any translations
one or two weeks before then.

Thanks again,

PS.  Any other offers?  LSF?  etc?

> I've cut and paste the English text here for your
> convenience:
> All people should have the right to learn their
> mother
> tongue and the international language.
> [...] real education is impossible through a foreign
> medium [...] the vernacular medium alone can
> stimulate
> originality in thought in the largest number of
> persons.
> Mahatma Gandhi (1920), Young India 16/6
> The only goal of the international language
> Esperanto
> is to give the different peoples of the world [...]
> the ability to understand each other. It has no
> intention of interfering in their internal language
> use.
> Lazar Ludwig Zamenhof (1900), Essence and future of
> the idea of an international language.
> In support of Unesco‘s International Mother Language
> Day, on 21 February every year:
> World Esperanto Association
> Nieuwe Binnenweg 176, NL-3015 BJ Rotterdam, the
> Nederlands
> www.esperanto.net

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