[sw-l] CZECH...Handshapes needed...

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Wed Feb 2 21:40:57 UTC 2005

Ahoj Lucy,

tvary ruky o kterych pises jsou v skupine Baby handshape. Je to divne
setridene. L-letter by spravne melo byt ve skupine fist.. Take jsem to
hledal a musel jsem prohledat vse. Je to unavujici hledat a hledat...

Hi, Lucyna

yes the groups of handshapes are not distributed clearly. Finally I
managed to find handshapes you are writting about, but I had to go
throught all the groups. For example L-letter handshape should to be in
group FIST, in my opinion.


Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:

>> Wow. Well that is great that you are both using SignWriting. I need
>> to know the handshapes you cannot find, Honza. If they are not there,
>> I will put them in, but there is a good chance you may not realize
>> where I placed them...so can you show me one handshape you feel is
>> missing? Please post it to the List and that will be helpful to
>> everyone too!
>> Val ;-)
> I must admit I have the same problem Honza has... For example, I can't
> find the A-letter or L-letter handshapes...
> Of course, many times I've looked for them :-)
> Lucyna

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