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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Feb 2 22:09:51 UTC 2005

Hallo friends,

- just be so kind to believe that there is a brilliant logic behind the
whole system! Don't put yourself under pressure to believe you are expected
to know about all the different aspects that are decided behind the scenes
for so many years within the first few weeks!

In fact if you would know how to write SW - documents with the good old
SW4.4 you would not have any trouble to find yourself just like at home with
this new Sign maker arrangement. And there are a lot of online available
teaching materials too. Just browse through the E - Lessons. ;-)) They are a
wonderful source to find lots of answers to your next questions. (smile)

I can understand though that it takes some effort, time and patience - even
frustration tolerance to become familiar with the whole idea of SignWriting.

But whenever I read comments that this or that is not done correctly or not
in the logic arrangement you would prefer - hm - I feel uncomfortable for
those who dedicated so much time, love, energy, work ....

And all of us can use it - just for free!!

No problem to ask for the why's and where's but since most enthusiasts are
busy 26 hours a day it may take some time until somebody is able to

Stefan ;-))

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Ahoj Lucy,

tvary ruky o kterych pises jsou v skupine Baby handshape. Je to divne
setridene. L-letter by spravne melo byt ve skupine fist.. Take jsem to
hledal a musel jsem prohledat vse. Je to unavujici hledat a hledat...

Hi, Lucyna

yes the groups of handshapes are not distributed clearly. Finally I
managed to find handshapes you are writting about, but I had to go
throught all the groups. For example L-letter handshape should to be in
group FIST, in my opinion.


Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:

>> Wow. Well that is great that you are both using SignWriting. I need
>> to know the handshapes you cannot find, Honza. If they are not there,
>> I will put them in, but there is a good chance you may not realize
>> where I placed can you show me one handshape you feel is
>> missing? Please post it to the List and that will be helpful to
>> everyone too!
>> Val ;-)
> I must admit I have the same problem Honza has... For example, I can't
> find the A-letter or L-letter handshapes...
> Of course, many times I've looked for them :-)
> Lucyna

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