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Thu Feb 3 02:02:46 UTC 2005

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February 2, 2005

Stefan Wöhrmann in Germany wrote:
> In fact if you would know how to write SW - documents with the good old
> SW4.4 you would not have any trouble to find yourself just like at 
> home with
> this new SignMaker arrangement. And there are a lot of online available
> teaching materials too. Just browse through the E - Lessons. ;-)) They 
> are a
> wonderful source to find lots of answers to your next questions. 
> (smile)

Dear Stefan and Everyone -
Thank you for your defense, Stefan...You are right that SignMaker is 
based on the keyboard design of SignWriter DOS (SW4.4) and SignWriter 
Java. And if you know how to type with either of those programs, then 
SignMaker seems very logical...

In SignWriter DOS, you have a Rotate Key, a Mirror Key, a Variations 
Key and a Fill Key. And all of those keys exist in SignMaker too...Just 
use your Mouse in SignMaker to click on a selected symbol, and then 
click on these keys, that are under the Sign Box....to rotate symbols 

I am creating some charts for beginners...Look at this web page:

SignMaker Help

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