[sw-l] movement down&right

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Thu Feb 3 05:58:42 UTC 2005

Last question today :)

I can't find how to use this bellow. Which movement is the first? I went
throught lessons, but I haven't found it.
If I want to draw cross on forehead I use picture for head with forehead
and this movement above.
If I want to draw cross before whole head I use just picture of blank
head and movement.
So I don't need long an short version of this arrow.
Is it correct?

I enclose picture of one sign. I have a problem with placing handshape
and move mark in front of face signs. The sign looks in this way: thumb
draw a + on forehead (there is no contact).
I don't know whether to place handshape into head or somewhere above or
I read questions but it didn't help.

Thanks a lot
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