[sw-l] CZECH...Handshapes needed...

Lucyna Dlugolecka deafie at GMX.NET
Thu Feb 3 10:32:49 UTC 2005

> Lucy & Honza - The hands are grouped based on the numbers 1 through 10
> in ASL...The Thumb is the last group of hands, because the number 10 in
> ASL uses the thumb...That works well for anyone who has ever visited
> the US or knows someone from the US and knows the counting from 1 to 10
> in ASL...so when you are trying to find a handshape, think of the ASL
> numbers 1-10...I know, of course, that every sign language in the world
> has a different counting system...There are very few that are the
> same!...but I am just trying to explain how this grouping works...And
> if you both can be patient and give me a chance to teach you, after
> awhile you will understand the logic...
> Please look at this diagram...And I will be back online tomorrow
> afternoon again - Have a wonderful morning everyone!

Dear Val,
Thank you very much for your support. Believe me, it is still tough for me
to understand all the SignPuddle logic or I just get lost in that a maze of
signs for me. It is not that I expect you to led me by the hand. I have
tried many times to find the A, L and other handshapes and I failed even if
I checked all the Sign Puddle diagrams. I did also go through the
signwriting.org website, not only now and when writing an article about SW
but also earlier. But then I felt it to be black magic for me and simply I
gave up. I believe everything is logical there but there is too much stuff
to master in a short time, and the lessons I had gone through some time ago
broke off in certain spots and I did not know where the next step was or I
felt lost in the webpages. I need still time to familiarize with those
things. I have not planned to use SW as I have other jobs to do but I could
not find anyone else for building up a SW dict for PJM.
Now, after I have seen your helpful diagrams I can understand better the
logics of Sign Puddle. Thanks again.





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