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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Feb 3 19:30:33 UTC 2005

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February 3, 2005

Honza wrote:
> If I want to draw cross on forehead I use picture for head with
> forehead and this movement above.
> If I want to draw cross before whole head I use just picture of blank
> head and movement.
> So I don't need long an short version of this arrow.
> Is it correct?

You are right that we do not have a different size version for the
crossed-arrow symbol...the only way you could show the size difference
would be to piece the movement together with separate short or longer
arrows...but the symbol where the two are combined only has ONE size
right now...I suspect using it will be readable and ok for everyday
use...only researchers would need to see the difference in length of
movement...so it depends on the detail you need...If this is your name
sign, I would suggest using the standard symbol we have developed that
crosses and not worry about the length or size of the movement...

> I enclose picture of one sign. I have a problem with placing handshape
> and move mark in front of face signs. The sign looks in this way:
> thumb draw a + on forehead (there is no contact).
> I don't know whether to place handshape into head or somewhere above
> or beside.
> I read questions but it didn't help.

Yes. We all have these problems. Usually, we do not put the movement
symbols in front of the facial circle because sometimes that gets hard
to read...so instead, you put the movement symbol to the side of a
blank face, and the very fact that you have placed a blank face, means
that you want the movement symbol to be in front of it...or you could
put the face with a nose, and then we will know that the movement goes
in front of the nose...but the movement symbol is to the side...

In the attached sign, you have told me the following...

1. The sign is done near the forehead or the top area of the face...
2. The sign uses a handshape where the thumb sticks straight up...in
the US, that is not an A hand
3. The sign crosses down and then side-left, with the right hand
4. The palm facing is wrong I suspect...at the moment you wrote that
the palm faces side right, but it should be side-left?

I will post how I would write this shortly -  Val ;-)

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