[sw-l] Sorting dictionaries by SSS...

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Fri Feb 4 14:14:22 UTC 2005

Hello Valerie:
I haven't been concentrating much on the picture- or the for-children
dictionaries, but I just gave a copy of the 250-sign ASL dictionary to my
ASL teacher, and he'll be getting a copy of the "abridged" SW manual next
week! Will let you know what the Deaf community in our part of town thinks
of all this.

sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu writes:
>SignWriting List
>February 3, 2005
>Kimberley A. Shaw wrote:
>> Am very pleased with the Signwriting manual, and am carrying around a
>> 50-page extract of it which I'm using as a ready reference to use when
>> transcribing stuff from my ASL textbook. Am about to begin another
>> semester of ASL study, and know that signwriting will be very helpful.
>> Keep up the great work in Brazil, Switzerland & everywhere else!
>> Kimberley, from Boston MA USA
>Thank you, Kimberly...
>Did you know there are some dictionary documents already sorted by SSS
>for you, which you can download and print?
>ASL-English Picture Dictionary 250 signs
>ASL-English without pictures...only SignWriting...250 signs
>Children's Picture Dictionary 50 signs

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