[sw-l] FLANDERS Your SignWriting books arrived!

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Feb 9 18:22:48 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
February 9, 2005

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal from Flanders wrote:
> back from Germany with a big smile on our faces ;o) It was amazing!
> We'll make a full report on that later ;o)
> Stefan, Sara and I looked at a lot of materials containing SW and Sara
> and I saw that we have a long way ahead of us. A lot of mistakes have
> to be corrected BUT we are willing to make these changes and are very
> greatful for a very warm welcome in Osnabrück :o)
> So Val, spelling lessons will be necessary and we are pleased you will
> be using our 'Goldilocks' books for that purpose. :o) Stefan saw the
> books we made too. :o)
> Greetings Kathleen


Dear SW List, Kathleen, Sara, and Stefan!
This is WONDERFUL news...I am so excited that you all have met each
other. I look forward to your reports about your visit. Maybe we can
share some of your experiences on your web area later, with everyone's
permission of course...

And I am happy to know that you are open to learning more,
Kathleen...that is good to know. I want to thank Stefan for encouraging
people to learn SignSpellings...In fact, I thought maybe the
SignWriting Seminar that you all are planning, in Europe in July, could
focus on SignSpellings....learning how to write advanced SignWriting,
and perhaps Stefan could teach you all...Stefan has worked so many
years on spellings! No matter what computer programs we all use...and
there are many SignWriting programs to choose from now...the writing
system needs to be understood, before the author can create a good

The lessons here on the SignWriting List are important too...because as
the inventor of the system, I can give you perspective as to why
symbols were developed the way they were, and give a history of the
development. If you know why symbols are designed the way they
are...that can help too...

And Stefan...There are some Movement Writing symbols on the web now, in
the IMWA, that might interest you...better arm lines, more shoulder
lines, ways to write detailed head movements, spinal
movements...detailed symbols for different kinds of research, and I
want to share those with you ...Some of these symbols you have never
seen before, because they were always in DanceWriting textbooks...but
will be useful for writing gesture and mime and Sign language

So I will start teaching more now, and THANK YOU to all of you, for
your hard work and your SignWriting publications!  Val ;-)

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