[sw-l] New Keyboard Demonstration Software

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Fri Feb 11 15:21:54 UTC 2005

Sandy wrote
>This program is based on the whole idea of abandoning the international
>approach so as to limit the number of symbols we need to make available
>to a
>user typing a specific language. Also, if we are going to use
>and numbering handshapes to make the keyboard easier to learn, then this
>takes us even further away from an international keyboard.
>I've chosen the approach that seems to me the lesser of two evils - it
>better for learners to be able to locate keypresses as easily as possible
>than to have an international keyboard where every keypress has to be
>learned from scratch.

I heartily agree with the 'learning to press the keys'- approach.
And you are right, each sign language does not need to have access to all
the symbols.


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