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Fri Feb 11 15:40:54 UTC 2005

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February 11, 2005

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
> N° 2 / 3 is the best.
> because this way, you see the two hands of from the same altitude,
> I find that it is not correct really, if you 1 hand bird-perspective
> looks forward to, and the other hand on equal altitude is with your 
> eyes.
> that idea comes in fact of a deaf of German :) (by means of Stefan)
> What thinks you? Kind regards, Sara

Hi Sara, Kathleen, Shane and Stefan...and SW List ;-))

Of course whatever Deaf people decide is what should be done, if it is 
correctly written in all other ways...This is just a matter of 
viewpoint, and people do see things differently. Generally we write 
"what we see when we sign"...but I have a Deaf friend here in the US 
who signs up near her face...she places the signs higher than other 
people...and believe it or not, what she sees is different, because she 
signs in front of the face rather than in front of the 
chest...smile...this has nothing to do with this sign or your 
decision...I am just pointing out that people see things 
differently...and sign at different levels...

Take a look at the four signs attached...the last three are all seeing 
the signs from above....looking down at the hands...Nothing wrong with 
that! You can choose to look down on all writing from the Top View if 
you wish, no matter what the level of the hands...

But the first one is actually what I personally see when I sign...When 
I look at my own hands while signing that sign, I see the side of the 
right hand, and the top of the left hand...so it is accurate with "what 
I see when I sign"...

So all four SignSpellings below are correct, and you CAN mix viewpoints 
within one sign, and not be wrong...It is a matter of choice...

Val ;-)

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