[sw-l] Signs in living color

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Feb 11 16:32:21 UTC 2005

Hi Val,

You can now automatically colorize a sign using the standard colors.  The
symbol pallete will also show the standard colors.

NOTE: Signs are not saved in color yet.  That is next.

You can view the demo in the International Signs dictionary.

The Previous button is back.  The Color button has been moved to a new row
at the bottom.  The Colorize special command will turn the standard colors
on or off.  ie, press once for color, press again for black.

The standard colors can be defined by langauge if anyone wants a special
color pallete.

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SignWriting List
February 11, 1005

Sandy Fleming wrote:
> Under this scheme, what colour should fignerspelling be written? Will
> it be
> blue, the same as the hands, or should there be a different colour to
> remind
> children that this row of hands is fingerspelling?

Hello Everyone and Sandy!
Thank you for this question. I am quite happy with the flexible way
that Stephen is designing the color issues...What I call the Color
Standard is not coloring "language". It is a way to color
"symbols"...there is a difference. It is based on clarifying what is a
movement symbol, and what is a handshape etc...so using that Color
Standard, all fingerspelling would be blue because they are hands...

BUT...that does not mean we are going to force anyone to use that Color
Standard...there will also be a way to keep everything black, and also
a way to choose any color you want, and so you could choose to make all
fingerspelling another color if you wanted, for your lessons with Deaf
children...you could color all verbs one color and all adjectives
another...it wouldn't be as automatic as the Color Standard, but
Stephen is building in complete flexibility on choices...when it comes
to coloring verbs versus adjectives you would have to manually choose
which signs are which and color them accordingly...

This is amazing we have color at all...just 24 hours ago, there was no
SignWriting computer program that I know of, that could give us the
Color Standard for symbols automatically, at a click of button...now we
will have SignMaker offering color and I am really glad!!

Before, I manually took each sign in Photoshop and colored each symbol
one by one...as in this diagram...

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