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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Feb 15 15:38:42 UTC 2005

Hello Tini,

do not worry about reader or writer - they are the same (smile)

Your are the scribe of your SW document. So you are supposed to write the
performance from your - the signers perspective -

And the moment you are reading your document - you are the reader and you
read the SW document from your - the signers perspective -

We call it the expressive point of view!

Very old documents are written from the receptive point of view. But this
has changed.
Even - if I transcribe videos - I write the performance from my, the
performers point of view.

So whenever you look at SW - signs and you see the palm without a gap - it
is your palm facing your body.

Stefan ;-)

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Thank you Valerie, learned something again.
I was from the understanding that whenever you could stretch the hand , and
it would then become level with the floor, there must be a space in the
symbol, even in the front view.
Now my question about readers point of view and signers point of view;.When
is a sign read or written from a readers point of view.
Thanks for your time Valerie,

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> SignWriting List
> February 14, 2005
> Tini Pel wrote:
> > I have trouble understanding the  symbol at  the bottom of # 2. the
> > hand is
> > level with the floor, right? So there should be a space?
> Hello Tini...
> Remember the movement arrows? The double-stemmed arrows are parallel
> with the Front Wall, and the single stemmed arrows are parallel with
> the Floor? So we have two kinds of arrows...relating to the Wall and
> the Floor.
> Well that is what is happening with the hands...Number 2 is the Wall
> Plane, and Number 5 is the Floor Plane. The Wall Plane is seen from the
> Front View, and the Floor Plane is seen from the Top View. And the
> space is ONLY used for the Top is our marker, telling us that
> if there is a space, we are looking on top of the hand...




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