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Tue Feb 15 21:24:26 UTC 2005

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February 15, 2005

Charles Butler wrote:
> I remember in Brazil, when the IMWA was still under construction 
> trying to figure out a logical order for body location.  Marianne and 
> I worked out a system essentially starting at the top of the head and 
> going down the center line of the body and then going from left to 
> right.  We weren't sure where to put the arms and legs in sequence, 
> but the arms themselves went down from the shoulder to the elbow to 
> the forearm, etc. 
> This seemed to be the most logical arrangement for a list of signs all 
> using the same handshape but different body locations such as FATHER, 
> MOTHER, ANGEL, FINE, but beyond that we were somewhat befuddled.
> Any advice Valerie?

Hello Charles and Everyone -
yes...I know you did a lot of work. perhaps you can re-enter those 
signs in your SignPuddle area for Brazil?

Anyway, to see how I handled Location issues (for sorting by SSS in 
dictionaries in the future)...

1. In SignMaker, click on the X for Limbs, as I just taught...
2. then click on the last one for Location (number 9 in the 
diagram)...continued next message...

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