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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
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Hi Val – and all 


I am sitting in your email - class and looking forward to following the
lessons very motivated – 


The difference? 


hinge – one or all fingers as a unit -  




fingerthrill – fingers move not in a unit but differently up and down – 


Still in trouble for fingerthrill – if only one arrow on top of the other –
I only use two or four (smile!) in my documents. 


Two – if index and middle fingers move “against” each other --  four –if all
four fingers move alternating ... 



My advice for my workshop participants: Try to find a typical example that
can be associated with any handshape-symbol and any  single symbol that you
want to understand 


in this case: 


bird – vs – go or in German DGS   How many, computer, piano, “have you got”


Thanks a lot for your support


Stefan ;-)) 



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February 16, 2005

LESSONS in Finger Movements
First, let us review a lesson we started in January...Please send me your
answers to this question...(see attached diagram)...

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