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February 21, 2005

On Feb 21, 2005, at 1:56 PM, Anne van Rossum wrote:
> 	Notating a (sign) language does most often also lead to 
> classification of the concepts in that very language. Did the 
> scientists behind the SignWriting project classify, did they use some 
> kind of conceptual hierarchy? Or was this hierarchy automatically 
> derived from the 'natural sign language' and had the experts nothing 
> to do with classifying the language itself? (I think classifying is 
> necessary if there exist a SignWriting editor, people should chose 
> gestures / concepts easily from a library / dictionary)
> 	• 	 Did some people - afterwards - study the notation itself? I know 
> SignWriting arose out of the need to describe exactly what kind of 
> movements / gestures people make. Did they improve parts of the 
> SignWriting notation over time? Why and how? (I know of the comparison 
> study with Stokoe Notation and HamNoSys.) Do you have studies about 
> the specific representation used by SignWriting? And some side issue: 
> how are the signs stored / represented digitaly?

This is a huge subject, and you ask so many questions here. So why not 
start at the SignWriting History section on our web sites and read 
every page of history?...I think the history will start to become 
clear. Then later, after you have read all this...post more followup 
questions to the List:

1. SignWriting History Directory

2. Questions and Answers

3. Why Was SignWriting Invented?
A message from Valerie Sutton

4. How Are SignWriting Symbols Invented?
The inventor discusses the creative process
of developing symbols used around the world...

5. Is SignWriting & DanceWriting Blending?
....about the entire movement writing system....

6. Archive of PDF documents:

7. Valerie Sutton's Autobiography
A Global Writing System For A Global Age
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