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Hi Valerie and Everyone, 

Valerie wrote: 

". ..I would read it as the mouth moving from tense to 
open, with no air coming out, no sound...just tense to open...of course"

This is a wonderful statement. This is exactly what was on my mind. Little
Eduard and other deaf children come to know the phonological aspect of this
mouthmovement much later. 

In fact they understood their own confusion much better that certain visible
Mundbilder cannot be identified in a 1 to 1 order. And they started to
improve lipreading skills ..

After learning the German words they will be able to understand from context
that " the mouth moving from tense to open, with no air coming out, no
sound.." can be producing a sound like "Pa" or "Pah" or "Ba" "Paar" or can
just be performance of a fish breathing - (opening and closing his mouth...)

I looked at my dictionary and found another interesting  sign - or
"performance" that includes air in, mouth open, air out with pressure ... 
In Germany some people voice during sneezing "hatschi"!

Inhale - head up - exhale head down and in the end- right hand ... 


PS. Hi Charles sorry for your problems - but perhaps you can alter your
browser options to allow attachments to come through? I do not work with
SignPuddle so much - compared to SW44 or other materials ... 

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SignWriting List
February 26, 2005

Writing PA or PAH...

Stefan is having true success with the way Facial Expressions are used 
in his classroom with Deaf students...So I am assuming that Stefan's 
Deaf students can read this as PA, and that is all that matters!

As a foreigner like myself, who knows SignWriting, but does not know 
what was meant in advance, by reading those Mouth positions...I would 
not read this as PA...I would read it as the mouth moving from tense to 
open, with no air coming out, no sound...just tense to open...of course 
I could memorize it as meaning PA, and perhaps I should do that, and 
then the Mouth Pictures work, of course, when they have a standardized 

So in ASL documents, I would include air exhaling, because for me, the 
most important part of the PAH in ASL is the accent on the 
exhalation...and the air coming out forcefully...In ASL we actually 
couple the exhalation with the sign it becomes a sign 
meaning that something got accomplished successfully...perhaps this is 
culturally based and specific to ASL...When I looked up the sign for 
PAH in the ASL SignPuddle, this is what I found...the sign for SUCCESS 
with air coming out of the mouth...and I would read that as PAH...

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