[sw-l] mouthing in the EU

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Sun Feb 27 19:27:28 UTC 2005

Hi List,

I think it is everywhere the same with mouthing.
Here in Czech Republic someone prefere to mouth each word, someone
prefere not to mouth while signing. Deaf sign have no word goes with
sign, but we also have some signs which have several differend meanings,
so in that case it is necessary to mouth the right word, or just common
"picture" of that word.

PS: sorry if I'm a little out of topic - I haven't read all the messages yet

Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa wrote:

>>Your work, in Europe is specific to your languages, which appear to
>>have some common characteristics, such as mouth movements while
>>signing, which is not as prevalent here among native ASL signers...at
>>least, not upon my observation...
>There are a large number of ASL users who do mouth a lot in the USA :) -
>just like there are a lot of mouthing people in the EU - I used to think
>Germany was full of people who literally mouth every word - but thankfully I
>have made a lot of mates there in Germany who don't mouth a lot - and then I
>used to think there's no one in France who mouth a lot until I met some
>deafies who tried to mouth French and sign in French to me at a party which
>freaked me out - u could see me whispering "NELLY! - INTERPRET FOR ME!"
>I call it "hurting one's jaws"...
>It depends on which school it is taught at, what group of friends etc - many
>of my deaf mates they could sign a lot better if they don't hang around with
>their deaf mates who mouth.
>And if you're referring to our unique mouthing (associated with our national
>sign langs), of course...all national sign languages have their own
>I just told someone off for mouthing in English when he can do better in BSL
>Mouthing in English is discouraged in Belfast & Derry yet it's encouraged in
>Dublin to some extent (!)

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