[sw-l] SignText Question, and Tsunami message...

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Jan 2 20:53:02 UTC 2005

Hi Val,

I am cleaning up SignText and hope to have version 1.0 available soon.  It
will use SWML-S 1.2 and correctly center signs in the preview.  I will also
include a user manual online for SignText and related SWML-S 1.2 tools.

I have put Ingvild's message on Oculog.net's wiki.  It still does not center
properly for all browsers.  It will soon.
You can view it: http://oculog.net/wiki/index.php/Tsunami_sadness.


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SignWriting List
January 2, 2004

Dear SW List members, Stephen and Ingvild!
Below is a question from Ingvild Roald, from Norway, about how to use
SignText, a new program just developed by Stephen Slevinski a few weeks
ago....Because I have been working on updating the IMWA, I have not had
time to really learn how to use SignText myself yet, but I am really
looking forward to that shortly!

Anyway...I am sharing Ingvild's question below, with the SignWriting
List, so that Stephen can teach us how to use SignText, or perhaps
another List member can help us too...

Meanwhile, I visited the Norwegian section of SignPuddle:


by clicking on the Norwegian flag on that web page (scroll down)....

....but I did not find any of the signs you mention below in your
message, Ingvild, in the Norwegian Sign Dictionary on the web...

So have you prepared this SWML from your computer desktop rather than
on the web? That is sooo great!

Perhaps someone else knows how to take Ingvild's SWML below and turn
those into signs on the web? smile...And if so, please teach us...I
look forward to reading your messages...

And now, in regards to what Ingvild's message says about the Tsunami: I
am soooo sad to hear that so many Norwegians and Swedes...and so many
people from all countries...are missing or presumed dead, in the big
Christmas Tsunami...that is tragic and we all weep for your loses and
only wish we could wave a magic wand, and make it all "never
happen"...So please know we are all with you in spirit....Val ;-)


On Jan 2, 2005, at 4:11 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:

> Hi Val,
> as the year turned, our counting of dead from the flood escalated. I
> have
> written in SignText, but do not know how to get this into a readable
> file
> for the list.
> The glossing wood be:
> flood_huge 150 000 dead . cry-cry Asia there. Norway Sweden Europe
> many-many thousand dead! Horrible! cry-cry! Ingvild
> Could you by any neans convey this file or at least the message to the
> list?
> {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}
> Ingvild
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <!DOCTYPE swml SYSTEM "http://www.oculog.net/swml/swml-s.dtd">
>   <swml dialect="S" version="1.1" lang="sgn" glosslang="">
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-1</gloss>
>       <symbol x="130" y="115">01-05-001-01-06-02</symbol>
>       <symbol x="89" y="122">01-05-001-01-06-16</symbol>
>       <symbol x="101" y="81">02-08-001-02-03-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="96" y="55">08-01-003-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-2</gloss>
>       <symbol x="93" y="99">01-01-001-01-05-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="101" y="64">02-05-001-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-3</gloss>
>       <symbol x="43" y="112">01-05-001-01-01-03</symbol>
>       <symbol x="109" y="112">01-10-011-01-01-03</symbol>
>       <symbol x="82" y="113">02-05-001-01-01-07</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-4</gloss>
>       <symbol x="46" y="96">01-05-037-01-02-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="79" y="98">02-05-001-01-01-07</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-5</gloss>
>       <symbol x="85" y="53">05-01-001-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="98" y="90">01-05-048-01-01-02</symbol>
>       <symbol x="85" y="83">02-03-001-01-01-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="81" y="64">02-01-009-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-6</gloss>
>       <symbol x="76" y="133">08-04-001-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-7</gloss>
>       <symbol x="75" y="48">03-02-002-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="83" y="76">01-01-001-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="74" y="70">01-01-001-01-01-09</symbol>
>       <symbol x="108" y="85">02-03-001-01-01-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="132" y="84">02-03-001-01-01-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="48" y="86">02-03-001-01-02-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="29" y="84">02-03-001-01-02-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="47" y="65">02-01-007-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="105" y="64">02-01-007-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="128" y="63">02-01-007-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="25" y="65">02-01-007-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-8</gloss>
>       <symbol x="21" y="89">01-10-002-01-03-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="55" y="88">01-10-011-01-03-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="82" y="84">01-06-008-01-03-03</symbol>
>       <symbol x="112" y="88">01-10-002-01-03-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="68" y="148">01-01-001-01-01-03</symbol>
>       <symbol x="67" y="126">08-01-003-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-9</gloss>
>       <symbol x="64" y="114">08-04-003-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-10</gloss>
>       <symbol x="29" y="112">01-02-009-01-05-03</symbol>
>       <symbol x="68" y="111">02-03-011-01-01-10</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-11</gloss>
>       <symbol x="43" y="63">06-01-002-01-04-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="77" y="72">01-05-046-01-02-02</symbol>
>       <symbol x="105" y="46">02-03-002-01-01-08</symbol>
>       <symbol x="76" y="89">02-02-001-01-02-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="100" y="61">02-01-007-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="89" y="50">02-01-007-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="96" y="83">08-02-001-01-01-06</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-12</gloss>
>       <symbol x="98" y="61">01-04-006-01-03-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="99" y="97">02-10-002-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>sign-13</gloss>
>       <symbol x="127" y="94">01-05-001-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="85" y="92">01-05-001-01-01-09</symbol>
>       <symbol x="129" y="139">02-03-001-01-01-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="161" y="140">02-03-001-01-01-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="79" y="139">02-03-001-01-02-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="48" y="139">02-03-001-01-02-05</symbol>
>       <symbol x="147" y="127">02-05-001-01-01-07</symbol>
>       <symbol x="64" y="127">02-05-001-01-02-03</symbol>
>       <symbol x="123" y="150">08-01-003-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="156" y="149">08-01-003-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="43" y="151">08-01-003-01-01-01</symbol>
>       <symbol x="74" y="151">08-01-003-01-01-01</symbol>
>     </sign>
>     <sign lane="0">
>       <gloss>01-05-037-01-02-01%2</gloss>
>     </sign>
>   </swml>

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