[sw-l] Back in action!

Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Sun Jan 16 20:07:42 UTC 2005

Fantastic Valerie!!!
I can't wait to see it and to see it used.

Can unicode development start now?  :-)


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> January 16, 2004
> Dear SW Listers!
> Yes...And I am now back in action too ;-)
> About an hour ago I finished updating SignBank with the new IMWA 1.1.
> New symbols were added to Heads, UpperBody, FullBody, Space and
> Punctuation categories. We will now be able to write signs that
> require armlines. And some symbols used in full DanceWriting are now
> in 1.1...And yes, as you guessed, I did not finish all the
> DanceWriting symbols, so there will be an IMWA 1.2 someday...
> However, for SignWriting, the IMWA 1.1 is, I believe, the complete
> symbolset...including writing Sign Language poetry and storytelling,
> which requires arm lines and upper body movement...
> I have not posted the just-updated SignBank on the web for download
> yet...I hope to do that later today. And Stephen Slevinski is working
> on placing the new IMWA 1.1 in all the SignPuddles on the web now...No
> small job!
> So I will write again when I post the new SignBank, and I look forward
> to jumping into this conversation, about a possible Teacher's
> conference for SignWriting teachers in Europe? Maybe it could become a
> yearly event, located at a different school each year?...Afterall,
> SignWriting is now taught in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium,
> Ireland and in the past, in Denmark...and possibly in Norway? It might
> be beneficial for SignWriting teachers to get together to share
> classroom experiences and to learn about new updates...And of course
> Brazil and Nicaragua on the other side of the globe...It starts
> getting expensive traveling so far, so we could try to also hold the
> same workshop on the internet for those who cannot travel to the
> actual seminar...
> But more later on that...
> 2005 will be an exciting year!
> Val ;-)

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