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I am glad that BSL is used to teach English in Norway - we are trying to
make BSL the 'working language' in the European Union - for Deaf Europeans
to communicate with each other.


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Hi Ingvild,
I feel so astonished - once again - because I hardly cannot believe that -

so little deaf students at age 6 or 7 enter school and they get all these
1) Norwegian spoken language (articulation, and written form)
2) Norwegian SL (with SW ??)
3) English
4) British Sign Language

Well here in Germany I am eager to find a kind of questionaire to make a
statemment what kind of communicative skills and general knowledge is to be
found in children who are DEAF and leave the kindergarden for school.

I would not dare to teach English until the German skills are on the way.
But it is so fascinating to learn about different concepts....

Too many deaf children do not have any (!!!!) comunicative skills
whatsoever - they get hearing device - perhaps CI - but if that does not
work they pretty much lost if they start at school with nothing!!!!

Hearing parents are almost unable to learn SL after they have been told that
CI and SL are two different worlds.
My students are a wonderful proof that the contrary is the case ... but

It took us so long to get the foundation that now we start to have classroom
discussions in SL - some of the students developes oral skills whereas
others could not take any advantage from their CI or hearing aids.

So it would be interesting to learn from you and others - do you implement
SignWriting from the very beginning - kindergarden?

How many classes are taught with SignWriting? Can you estimate that?

Thanks a lot for your time!

Stefan ;-))

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Yes. Norwegian, Nowregian Sign Language, English and British Sign Language -
from day one.


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>Hi Ingvild -
>just curous - so little deaf children will learn British SignLanguage from
>day one at school for the DEAF?
>Stefan ;-))
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>Here in Norway we do teach dual language (NSL and Norwegian) to deaf
>students, wheter they are in an integrated setting or in a special
>setting, since 1997. I will find the appropriate links to English-language
>descriptions in a day or two. - We also teach English and BSL as second
>language from grade one.
>Vestlandet Resource Center,
>sw-l at skriver:
> >
> >At the moment, we are sending a request to the Department of Education
> >for Northern Ireland to get the funding to start a Dual Language
> >Immersion (integrated) primary school where children, deaf and
> >non-deaf, will be taught through NISL and English (ISL and English if
> >in the Western Area of NI) - so I am very glad Kathleen have raised the
> >point here - it is very important to know how our national sign
> >languages are being taught etc - most of us are so used to teaching
> >adults - or even kids as second languages - but to teach our national
> >sign language as the first language?
> >
> >maybe some of us in Europe can set up a working group on sign language
> >curriculum (across Europe) and discuss what is needed what is to be
> >taught etc
> >
> >what do you think, Kathleen?
> >
> >Shane
> >
> >On 13 Jan 2005, at 22:20, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
> >
> >> I'm actually working with the group of deaf teachers of one of the
> >> french speaking part of Switzerland's school for the deaf...
> >> to teach sign language... and it's true that there's not much existing
> >> about didactics...
> >>
> >> But ...there is a document  called "le premier outil pédagogique pour
> >> la langue des signes" which was on the web  on
> >>
> >>
> >> and then click on the pdf document for "langue des signes"
> >> Hope it can help... even though (if I remember well...) you don't
> >> speak french
> >> You should ask someone to translate it for you.. it's a valuable
> >> tool!!! and it's the only one I know about!
> >>
> >> Yours truly
> >>
> >> Anny
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Le 13 janv. 05, à 21:24, Kasterlinden Bilinguaal a écrit :
> >>
> >>> Hello list,
> >>>
> >>> holliday is over, back to work! ;) Hope you all had a good newyear.
> >>>
> >>> I have a question for the teachers who are on this list. I see that
> >>> SignWriting is being used in many country's now, and I'm very happy
> >>> about that. I'm wondering if you could help me out. I'm looking for
> >>> information on sign language didactics. Do any of you have a
> >>> curriculum on teaching sign language or to use SignWriting? Because
> >>> there is no such thing in Belgium. :s
> >>>
> >>> So any information would be great!
> >>>
> >>> Thank you!
> >>>
> >>> Greetings Kathleen
> >>>
> >>> Koop geen kat in een zak. Probeer alles 14 dagen bij jou thuis.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >

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