[sw-l] curriculum in teaching sign language

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Jan 17 16:55:59 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
January 17, 2005

List, and Suzanne!
If a specific curriculum is already designed, with video and other
means of knowing what the signs are, then the curriculum could be put
into SignWriting fairly easily, and the SignWriting could be attached
as an adjunct to their courses, for those who want a way to read and
write their Sign Language...Val ;-)


On Jan 17, 2005, at 6:26 AM, Suzanne Pach wrote:

> Hi Kathleen and the rest of the list,
> You asked if any of us has a curriculum in teaching sign
> language. Well, I'm following a curriculum like that. It
> is a 4years study at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, in
> holland (but they don't teach us any SignWriting...). Last
> year they also started a masters program. It is for people
> who already worked as a sign language teacher. The
> mastersprogram is also open to foreign students. I know
> one girl from Belgium who is doing this (but I'm not sure
> if she follows the interpreters or the teachers variant).
> If you want more information, ask me or visit this
> website: http://svo.feo.hvu.nl/
> bye!
> Suzanne
>> Hello list,   holliday is over, back to work! ;) Hope you
>> all had a good newyear.   I have a question for the
>> teachers who are on this list. I see that SignWriting is
>> being used in many country's now, and I'm very happy about
>> that. I'm wondering if you could help me out. I'm looking
>> for information on sign language didactics. Do any of you
>> have a curriculum on teaching sign language or to use
>> SignWriting? Because there is no such thing in Belgium. :s
>>    So any information would be great!   Thank you!
>> Greetings Kathleen Koop geen kat in een zak. Probeer alles
>> 14 dagen bij jou thuis.

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