[sw-l] Teacher's Conference for SignWriting in Europe

Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at FRANCISMAGINN.ORG
Tue Jan 18 08:09:59 UTC 2005


Now that’s a good idea re: the teacher's conference.

Kathleen, what do you think - perhaps you and Kristof can get together and
use somewhere in Brussels to host the one-day or two-day conference (the
first one) then another place can host it so on?

Someone has to start it off!


> So I will write again when I post the new SignBank, and I look forward
> to jumping into this conversation, about a possible Teacher's
> conference for SignWriting teachers in Europe? Maybe it could become a
> yearly event, located at a different school each year?...Afterall,
> SignWriting is now taught in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium,
> Ireland and in the past, in Denmark...and possibly in Norway? It might
> be beneficial for SignWriting teachers to get together to share
> classroom experiences and to learn about new updates...And of course
> Brazil and Nicaragua on the other side of the globe...It starts
> getting expensive traveling so far, so we could try to also hold the
> same workshop on the internet for those who cannot travel to the
> actual seminar...

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