[sw-l] POLAND...A Polish SignMaker on the web?

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jan 20 14:00:35 UTC 2005

Your signs are VERY clear in the web drawings and they could be input into the SignPuddle dictionaries in about two days with concentration.  Some of them are very similar to ASL signs (street, shame, fed up).  Welcome aboard.

Charles Butler

Lucyna Dlugolecka <deafie at gmx.net> wrote:
Hello Val and SW List!

I shyly say "yes" to your question. But I am a bit afraid of all that software... smile... If there is nobody in Poland to create SW for the Polish Sign Language, I can have a try... Some time ago I tried to make an online picture dictionary of PJM. Here it is: http://www.slownikpjm.webpark.pl/ . The pictures were courtesy of Effatha Guyot Groep. I modified some of them and then I lacked time to finish the job :-(. Now I think of making video files but here I need some technical help. Anyway, I can start to use SignMaker now. It can be so that the first signs will be based on this online PJM dict...
Thanks for any help.

Val wrote:

Lucyna and Everyone in Poland!
What about trying to create a tiny dictionary in Polish signs, written in SignWriting on the web, with SignMaker? If you say "yes", then we will create a Polish section for you on the web, and we can teach you how to use SignMaker. Take a look at this web page (link below). As you can see, we have many countries already. Do you want Poland to be included? If the Deaf people and linguists see some signs written in SignWriting on the web, it may interest them and help people realize that Polish Sign Language can be a written language...This will help establish Polish Sign Language as a real and separate language from spoken Polish. Write back to tell us if you want a Polish dictionary on the web...take a look:

Sign Language Dictionaries Around the World...

Val ;-)

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