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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005
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Subject: Re: [sw-l] BSL & English
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Nobody forces Esperanto on anyone, and I suspect
Gestuno is the same.  English is for practical
personal profit, Esperanto for long term efficiency
and diversity on an international scale.  It's a free
choice and most people choose English (look at the
famous http://www.wikipedia.org/ for an idea of
language strength - hopefully SW will appear there
soon).  Mainly it's chicken and egg - I'll learn
Esperanto when everyone else does.

The problem is English speakers can get better jobs,
and they don't need to spend thousands of hours trying
to learn English.  It's not fair, it's linguistic
discrimination.  And that's dangerous - imagine if one
community could get better jobs and had higher
cultural respect by dominating the language of TV and

Same for BSL.  Why should Britain get the advantage?
I can't find the Amsterdam Manifesto on the EUD site,
maybe someone knows where it is, or maybe EUD realized
favoring BSL was discrimination (and EUD is of course
against discrimination) so they removed the document
from their website?

Maybe EUD or WFD should create Gestuno II before it's
too late.  Now they have SW, the task should be much
easier (but still very difficult).


PS more info for the curious
http://lingvo.org/2/3 (I'm currently translating this
into Signuno in SW)


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