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dparvaz at MAC.COM dparvaz at MAC.COM
Fri Jan 21 14:12:23 UTC 2005

> Maybe my insight as a Deaf American will help. Deaf in the community I
> am in at least don't want a written system from a hearing person
> because hearing people have opressed deaf any times, and some still do
> ...

Granted. And so when a hearing person comes in with something to do
with language, or education, or anything, there is initial skepticism:
is this one more "cha-head hearing" thing? Were Deaf  people involved?
What kind of deaf? REAL Deaf or "think-hearing" deaf? And so on. After
all, what set the Abbé de l'Épée apart from others isn't that he didn't
come up with some nutty pedagogical technique ("methodical" signs) so
much as he was humble enough to ask the Deaf to teach him first.

>  The way for SW to become generally accepted (at least here in the US)
> will be for a few Deaf who see why SW would be good and to show that
> to the rest of the Deaf.

And in this environment is means devising easy methods of writing SW,
both with a pencil and with a computer.

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