AW: [sw-l] Do you understand the Lessons so far?

Stefan Wohrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sat Jan 22 11:15:05 UTC 2005

Dear Valerie,

your support - materials are fabulous - as always!
I am continuing to follow your instructions.

I decided to not interrupt with questions about stuff that will be explained
in a few steps from now...

- especially about how to send/paste these new created signs into our
country dictionaries.

On the other hand - it is amazing that this program is obviously so
easy!!!!!!  to understand.
So big THANK YOU to Stephen - I have got no idea about the background but it
has to be the result of a combination of a genius mind and an full
understanding of the benefit of SignWriting --

Stefan ;-)

Attached you find my Poland - sign spelling for the German SW Dictionary -
created the first time with signpuddle

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SignWriting List
January 22, 2005

Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:
> I have downloaded Firefox but not tried to practice the lessons as I
> am occupied with work now. I'll try to use the SignMaker tomorrow
> afternoon. I hope I'll make up for the lessons :-)

That is great, Lucy. I have started a web-area with Help Pages for

SignMaker Help Files

It is not perfect yet...some of the pages do not have diagrams...but
you can read those pages for a summary of the Lessons I have already

Please try to create the Polish sign for Poland for us and then tell us
what happened! smile

Val ;-)

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