[sw-l] Downloading Firefox is not hard...

Tini Pel tinipel at ONLINK.NET
Sun Jan 23 15:56:57 UTC 2005

Hello Trevor,
I have downloaded Firfox. , but I still do not get Signmaker.
I do get a box saying that I have to go on line again, which I did , but it
did not get me any further. What am I doing wrong or not doing at all?

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> On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
> > Outlook Express is not a web browser. It is an email program. You can
> > still use Outlook Express for your email. We are talking about a web
> > browser. Internet Explorer, for example, is a web browser. And Firefox
> > is another web browser, that works better for SignMaker.
> If you're downloading Firefox to be your web browser you might also want
> to download Thunderbird, which is the accompanying email program. As
> Firefox works better than Internet Explorer so Thunderbird (is said to)
> works better than Outlook Express.
> > How long does it take to download? That depends on your computer. The
> > only way you can find out, is to try.
> And whether you are using a modem or some form of broadband. The Windows
> download of Firefox is about 5Mb. Took 90seconds over my broadband
> line. For Thunderbord the file is about 6Mb and took 2minutes. My
> broadband line is 512Kb/s but it's shared between several users here.
> Can't tell you how long the installations take as I use Linux here.
> > Once you download, you will have 2 web browsers...Internet Explorer and
> > Firefox. Use Firefox when you want to use SignMaker...You can still use
> > Internet Explorer for other things.
> Once you've used Firefox for SignMaker you won't want to use Internet
> Explorer for anything. :-| Firefox is designed by users not web designers
> so can obliterate things like pop-ups. Thunderbird, also designed by
> users, has features for dealing with spam. I think once you've used it
> you'll never go back to Outlook Express. Back in the days when I worked in
> I.T. Outlook was known as Lookout --- and for very good reasons that name
> changes continues.
> Regards, Trevor
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