[sw-l] Downloading Firefox is not hard...

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Jan 23 21:20:22 UTC 2005

Hi Tini,

SignText is an offline version of SignMaker.  It includes additional
features that make it possible to write documents (with lanes).  These
documents can be uploaded into SignPuddle dictionaries.  The features of
SignText are very limited, but it works very nicely.

I have a beta available that uses the IMWA 1.0.  I am currently updating
SignText with the IMWA 1.1, SWML-S 1.2, and other recent changes from

You can view SignText online by clicking the SignText icon in any SignPuddle
dictionary or directly using:

You can download the SignText beta:

I should have SignText version 1.0 ready by the time Val has finished the
lessons in SignMaker.  Then maybe we will move to lessons in SignText.


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I got it Valerie !!!! But do we have to be on line to work with it?
I made the sign" Thank you" but could not find a way to transfer it onto the
I went off line and I could not get  it to work anymore. Is there a way to
work with it off line?


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> SignWriting List
> January 23, 2005
> Tini Pel wrote:
> > Hello Trevor,
> > I have downloaded Firfox. , but I still do not get Signmaker.
> > I do get a box saying that I have to go on line again, which I did ,
> > but it
> > did not get me any further. What am I doing wrong or not doing at all?
> When you go online again, Tini, is there a place for you to type in the
> web address that you want to do to? Go to:
> http://www.SignBank.org/signpuddle/sgn-US
> for the American Sign Language Puddle on the web...
> Val ;-)

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