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Don’t forget to show them Manneken Pis’ girlfriend – whats her name???


I cant stop laughing when my mate showed her to me


Whats your sign for Manneken Pis, I wonder – perhaps u can add it to the
VGTpuddle :D





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Hello people who want to come to Maastricht ICED 2005, ;)

I have some practical questions, unless you want to wait a bit longer.

I will be attending the confrence in Maastricht myself. I would love to stay
another day. My question? Where will we hold this teacher SW day? In
Maastricht or some place else? Maybe if it's not to many people I can ask if
there is room available at my school. If you all don't mind going to
Brussels ;) Maybe you can even see 'manneke pis' on the way ;)

What about a programme? Are people presenting stuff or will we exchange
informal information in a large/small group?

And finally, languages :o) I suppose English for the hearing people. What
about interpreters for Deaf people?

Greetings Kathleen

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>Subject: AW: [sw-l] SignWriting Meeting, Maastricht, Netherlands, July 2005

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>Hi Valerie and SW - friends - 


>Yes I like this idea to come together for an additional meeting for 

>SW-users --- 

>What about the day after the conference? Before there is no chance for me


>But I have got no idea who could do the organisation? - and where ... 

>very busy with all my duties on my long to do list 


>Have a super day - 


>Stefan ;-) 



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>SignWriting List 

>January 22, 2005 


>On Jan 22, 2005, at 2:05 PM, Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote: 

> > I would be interested in participating in this conference. Is there 

> > such possibility for a deaf person from Poland who is not a teacher? I 

> > am a doctoral student, specializing in Polish Sign Language grammar, 

> > and also an editor working for a magazine for the Deaf in Poland... 


>Hello Shane, Lucy, Martin and Everyone - 

>Oh of course! The SignWriting meeting in Maastricht should be open to 

>all SignWriting users...So you all are welcome...whether you be 

>educators, doctoral students, linguists, Deaf people, and writers for 

>Deaf magazines ...you are all welcome! 


>Below is an old message from Kathleen in Belgium. Kathleen gives the 

>web site address below for the conference on Deaf Education held in 

>Maastricht in July. You can read about the offical conference...plus I 

>suggested in a message earlier today, that those who teach or use 

>SignWriting, and will be attending the Maastricht conference anyway, 

>could setup a special meeting just for SignWriting users, either before 

>or after the bigger conference...it is a golden opportunity for all of 

>you to get to know each other...and Stefan Woehrmann, who teaches 

>SignWriting daily to Deaf children in Germany, will be the guest 

>speaker, so it is perfect for a SignWriting meeting...Here is 

>Kathleen's old message: 




> > Hello list, 

> > 

> > yes the confrence in Maastricht. Sara and I have also handed in an 

> > abstract, but it's just for 15 minutes. We gave it to our the founder 

> > of our Bilingual school, Gerrit Loots, he will take care of it. So in 

> > march we know if Sara and I will be presenting a bit of SignWriting at 

> > this confrence. 

> > 

> >  Val, and all of those who are interested, check out 

> > www.iced2005.org ;) 

> > 

> > Greetings Kathleen 







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