[sw-l] CZECH...First 2 signs...

Katrien Van Mulders katrien_vanmulders at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jan 25 11:13:40 UTC 2005

Hi Lucy,

This also happens in Flemish Sign Language (and I assume in many other sign languages).

The sign used by many Flemish Deaf for "Vienna" is identical to the Flemish sign "to cry, weep". "to cry" and "vienna" both translate as "wenen" in Dutch, hence the identical sign.
(Have a look at http://gebaren.ugent.be/alfabet.php?id=19319. There you can see the sign the Flemish use for "Vienna".)

It happens with other name signs as well.



Lucyna Dlugolecka <deafie at gmx.net> wrote:

Your explanation is very interesting. We the Poles use another sign for
CZECH. We use the gesture for combing the hair. It is because 'to comb'
means 'czesac' in Polish, and 'czesac' is similar to 'czeski' ('Czech').


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