[sw-l] Building Dictionaries

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Tue Jan 25 12:21:11 UTC 2005

If we keep to the signs as used in the places named, that would be great.
Then the signs as used in anoter signed language would be in that
languages dictionary, an anyone could look up how the local people sign
their place names (countries, cities, etc...)


sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu skriver:
>Hi All!
>Sorry about radio silence - I'm actually spending a lot of time at the
>moment writing a proof-of-concept programme for a SW keyboarding system
>based on the ideas we discussed before Christmas. I should have something
>show for it in a week or two!
>Anyway, I've been following the discussion about "international" signs
>within the Puddle dictionaries. I was wondering if it wouldn't be better
>have a separate dictionary for international place-name signs rather than
>being placed in the dictionaries of the individual languages?
>We could call this dictionary an "Atlas", perhaps.
>    o    we'd have an international Atlas where people could look when
>need a sign for a place that they don't have in their own SL;
>    o    we'd avoid clutter in the SL dictionaries;
>    o    we'd (if we wanted to) avoid having a place name repeated over
>over in different dictionaries;
>    o    we'd know a sign was considered international, and not
>belonging to the sign languages of individual dictionaries;
>and maybe others!
>Each of us, when putting a place name in their own dictionary, could make
>copy of it in the international dictionary too.
>Maybe better would be if it were one person's project (or a group of
>people), and they have the task of monitoring the dictionaries for new
>names and making a copy of them in the Atlas.
>What do you think?

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