[sw-l] why the sign 'Czech'?

sign sign at MARTANEK.COM
Tue Jan 25 16:06:20 UTC 2005

I often talk about the time I spent in Prague and would like to have signs
for these things! What's the sign for "Prague"?

Description of sign Prague:
Both hands are in form international alphabet A. Palm of right hand is to the
left, palm of left hand is to the right. Fingers of both hands have direction
from body.
Movement is in neutral area and go short down.
Sorry, if my description is so difficult, I use description made by Stokoe.
Later I will use SignWriting than I will have experience with that :-).
This sign was made from one citation about Prague: Prague is city of 100
towers. Sign in A mean tower and movement to the down mean how long tower is.


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