[sw-l] SignSpelling Rules and Guidelines

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Jan 26 16:17:32 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
January 26, 2005

Stefan Wohrmann wrote:
> Here is my spelling for the performance in the video - Sign for Prag -
>  Without the mouth movements me and my students would not have any
> chance to translate the sign - this caused in the past a lot of
> frustration on both sides ( smile) -
>  Since I add the Mundbilder - it is very often no problem as long as
> these proper names are introduced ...

Yes. And I know that some of your students have been put in a terrible
position in our society, because of the Cochlear Implant issue...I
remember you told me a long time ago, that the parents oftentimes don't
realize that they still need to teach their children until it is too
late, because they assumed that the CI would solve the deafness issues,
only to find that later on, the CI did not do that, and left the child
without the proper education..I understand that your students, Stefan,
oftentimes do very well because of your special work with SignWriting,
DGS and Munbildschrift ...I am really impressed - Thanks for the
attachment -

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