[sw-l] Invitation to Dictionary Editors

Lucyna Dlugolecka deafie at GMX.NET
Thu Jan 27 14:16:21 UTC 2005

> Yes. Signuno and others with knowledge of these issues had advised us, but
> I truly thought that if you were working from a computer that had your
> operating system with those diacritics installed, that there would be no
> problem...so maybe it is Firefox...or maybe there is something we can do
> later...I will look into it...but this is only in the SignMail program for
> email, right? You can still save signs with those diacritics in the
> dictionary itself, is that not true?  Val ;-)

Yes, that's true. I can save the diacritics and the translation box does
even recognize them, only the e-mail box does not. But now I don't use the
diacritics. Although we can type them as usually as we write them with a
pen, many people don't use them in e-mails; being too lazy to :-/. A text
written without diacritics is understandable althgouh some words may be
misunderstood, especially by a person who is not fluent in Polish.


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