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January 27, 2005

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
> I will try too, is there a prize for the right answer? ;)
> I think it's to do with the number of fingers you move. on the left
> you see one mark, that is one finger moving, on the right you have the
> same mark but dubble, so dubble movement of one finger?

Smile...Your prize will be to become skilled at SignSpellings! If we do
these kinds of questions everyday, in time SignWriting spellings will
become automatic...Your answer above, Kathleen, is a little closer, but
not quite correct yet...

First, Tini suggested that the group on the right were doubles of the
group on the left, but that could not be true, since both groups have
their own singles and doubles. These groups really do mean something
different...See diagram about singles and doubles:

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