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January 27, 2005

Dear Tini, Stefan, Kathleen, Charles, Lucy, Stuart and everyone!
Thanks for your answers...Yes...the last answers were correct...the
symbols to the left are what we call Hinge Finger Movement, and the
symbols on the right are Trills. Let me define these terms...also see
attached diagram...and I will continue, tomorrow, to show you different
ways these symbols are used...

Hinge Finger Movement
A Hinge Movement comes from the Knuckle Joint. The other joints of the
fingers do not bend...The whole finger moves up and down from the
Knuckle Joint, like a door opening and closing on hinges. All the
fingers are going the same direction, like a Unit, just as a door moves
in a unit, as it opens and closes...

The fingers hinge (move from the knuckle joint) sequentially in one
direction...like a waterfall...one finger at a time...very very fast.
They are NOT a unit. They are alternating as they hinge
down-down-down-down and then up-up-up-up again. This sequential
movement is so fast, that it creates a fluttering finger motion...Trill
symbols are used to show trembling or wiggling fingers...

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