[sw-l] Writing Mouth Movements in Different Cultures

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 28 15:04:37 UTC 2005

Regarding mouthing: In Norwegian Sign Language, a lot of signs are the same
in the hands, but the mouths will tell the difference. The mouthings are
often borrowed from Norwegian spoken language, but not always. In addition,
there are certain mouth- and facial expressions that serve as adverbials or
adjectivals to the signs, and even some signs that have no hand involment at

Lucky for us Norwegians, our sound system is almost the same as the German
sound system, and so we can adopt most of Stefan's mouthing symbols. We have
not tried to use this for teaching Norwegian spoken language, but I will
start putting the the faces with mouthing into the dictionary as soon as
finish the textbook  (almost there, still ... )


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>SignWriting List
>January 27, 2005
>Dear SW List and Stefan and Charles -
>Thank you Stefan for your interesting discussion...SignWriting is used in
>different ways for different purposes. A lot of these issues are cultural,
>and also related to the purpose of the document you are writing...

>So we are talking about two different worlds...the world of a teacher with
>Deaf students, and the world of Deaf poetry and literature that is not
>connected in any way to the spoken language of the country...
>Or perhaps it is in Germany, but not in the US...so that is why Charles
>asked the question...because as Americans we have had different
>experiences...Plus neither Charles nor I are teachers of young Deaf
>Here in the US there is not as much mouthing as you have in Northern
>Europe...so each culture is different...I am curious what it is like in the
>Philippines, or in Malaysia or even other European countries? I suspect
>facial expressions vary widely...depending on the surrounding
>Val ;-)

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