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Denny Lancaster faeriekeeper at COMCAST.NET
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This is absolutely marvelous.


Tini Pel wrote:

> Oh Jerry this is fantastic. Special the background with the Canadian flag.
> I have written to the two soldiers so I am wondering what will become
> of it. I hope they can find time to answer me. I have given the
> Website, so they can have a look at it.
> How is your health and the result of your last test?
> We are doing fine here, we took our first sun bath in our sun room
> with the windows open, out of the wind. Snow on the roofs, the bay is
> still frozen, but it was fantastic. It makes you feel healthy again.
> Thank you sooooo much eh Jerry I feel very honoured that it is on the web.
> Blessings !!!!!
> Tini.
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>     Dear Valerie and List,
>     Cyberjer is pleased to present the story, "NOT HOME FOR CHRISTMAS"
>     as expressed in CESL SignWriting by Tini Pel, at this location:
>            http://cyberjer.com/signpoet/pg21.htm
>     Please use and enjoy this fine story.  Thanks, TINI!
>     Jerry Spillman, Webmaster, Cyberjer.com

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