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Signed English, you mean? Maybe u can call it Canadian Signed English but I
notice its very similar to American Signed English (I know there are many
different forms of Signed English in ASL but still)

There's no such a thing as ESL (English Sign Language) - it's British Sign
Language - even if you take Scotland and Wales away, its still BSL as it’s
the main sign language that is used in England - and Wales got their BSL
from England - and Scotland - big dialects - people argues about whether its
BSL or Scottish Sign Language - but officially its still BSL in Scotland -
but with the development of local research in that field, that may change in
the next few decades...

If youre speaking of "SSE" or "Signed English" yes we have that in England.
And Signed English is discouraged in Northern Ireland at the moment because
we feel that it will not help with Deaf children's English - fingersigning
(very fast shorthand fingerspelling) does help.


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Hello Valerie,
Thank you for the compliments and mentioning on the list about the poem. It
has been a long time since I did Sign Writing a poem. It made me sit with my
dictionary again, which was a very good exercise.
I am still working on your family poem off and on. But I will eventually get
You wrote:
I have a question about your term CESL...for
Canadian-English-Sign-Language...That is usually called ASL, is it not? Or
is CESL a separate and unique Sign Language? I never heard that term
The reason I said Canadian English. Over the years I have noticed that ESL
from England at times, is slightly different, as is the Quebec French with
the French from France
I have been working together with a deaf person who was at Bellville . You
may remember me talking about him. He use to correct me often by saying that
a certain word in ASL was different from his language and at times became
upset about it. Ofcourse I was taking lessons from him so I had to follow
his language.
I am also working with a group of school teachers. Since deaf children are
now schooled in the elementary schools, the teachers want to learn to sign
in English for the purpose  of the children to learn to read. They
don't want ASL because of the grammar.

I had them read the poem and they loved it.
I did not know what else to call it, so therefore Canadian English. If I am
wrong I am open for corrections. Please do so. 
I have been following your latest lessons and printed them all out, so when
I have time over week-ends I will try it out.
Thank you so much for that !!!!!

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