[sw-l] Signed English, not English Sign Language?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Jan 30 21:45:14 UTC 2005

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January 30, 2005

Hello Everyone and Tini -
I am no expert, but I thought that when you are signing in English word 
order, that that is called Signed English. Not English Sign Language, 
which would mean a dialect of British Sign Language to me! But it is 
not for me to say. Here in the US, ESL stands for ...English as a 
Second Language.. and there are ESL teachers who teach English to 
native Spanish speakers...smile...It is ok, Tini - If it is not true 
ASL it is good that you have at least differentiated from that...Val 


On Jan 30, 2005, at 12:03 PM, Tini Pel wrote:

> Hello Valerie,
> Thank you for the compliments and mentioning on the list about the 
> poem. It has been a long time since I did Sign Writing a poem. It made 
> me sit with my dictionary again, which was a very good exercise.
> I am still working on your family poem off and on. But I will 
> eventually get it.
> You wrote:
> I have a question about your term CESL...for 
> Canadian-English-Sign-Language...That is usually called ASL, is it 
> not? Or is CESL a separate and unique Sign Language? I never heard 
> that term before...
> The reason I said Canadian English. Over the years I have noticed that 
> ESL from England at times, is slightly different, as is the Quebec 
> French with the French from France
> I have been working together with a deaf person who was at Bellville . 
> You may remember me talking about him. He use to correct me often by 
> saying that a certain word in ASL was different from his language and 
> at times became upset about it. Ofcourse I was taking lessons from him 
> so I had to follow his language.
> I am also working with a group of school teachers. Since deaf children 
> are now schooled in the elementary schools, the teachers want to learn 
> to sign in English for the purpose  of the children to learn to read. 
> They don't want ASL because of the grammar.
> I had them read the poem and they loved it.
> I did not know what else to call it, so therefore Canadian English. If 
> I am wrong I am open for corrections. Please do so. 
> I have been following your latest lessons and printed them all out, so 
> when I have time over week-ends I will try it out.
> Thank you so much for that !!!!!
> L.I.F.E.
> Tini.
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