[sw-l] IRELAND...Sign for Ireland

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Jan 31 00:35:40 UTC 2005

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January 30, 2005

Shane just sent me, in a private email message, a tiny video clip
showing Shane doing the sign for IRELAND in Irish Sign Language (ISL).
Happy to meet you, Shane!

I am really impressed with the tiny little video clip that Shane sent
me, because it moved directly inside my email message! What program did
you use, Shane, to create it?

Here is a still picture from that video. As you can see, the handshape
has the thumb across the palm of the hand. In some countries, that is
called a B Hand. So the sign needs to be written with a B Hand, not a 5
hand like we did before...How to write that?...continued next

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