[sw-l] Color in SignWriting Documents

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 1 08:41:05 UTC 2005

The normal way of showing a dialogue, is by using qutation marks.

The conversation between two people who are talking simultanously, is seldom
put down on paper. But of course, in SignWriting we could do that, by using
the 'simultanous' symbol ...


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>Subject: [sw-l] Color in SignWriting Documents
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>May 31, 2005
>On May 31, 2005, at 2:34 AM, barbara.pennacchi at istc.cnr.it wrote:
>>Hmmm... "coloring" heads would make it clear, especially in  dialogues
>>their signs overlap (just like hearing talking all together at the  same
>>but I'm afraid this will have to wait till color ink stops being
>Hello Everyone!
>Lots of great messages today. I look forward to answering them...smile..
>Barbara, regarding color...That is only one of many ways to write
>dialogues and it is not a requirement at all...But if you choose to  use
>it, then maybe your documents can be read on computer screens,  instead of
>printed? Color is free on your computer screen!
>And although we could always get colored symbols by using a Paint  program,
>now with the Color feature in SignPuddle, that does some of  the standard
>coloring that we established years ago for educating  Deaf children
>automatically, we can create color documents faster,  which I am grateful
>Have you seen the standard colors we use for Deaf children?... These
>diagrams attached are from a document for children. We used color to
>establish the kinds of symbols used...which was a great teaching tool...

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