[sw-l] translatins the name of SignWriting

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 9 18:32:17 UTC 2005


do you mean that nouns generally have grammatical cases in Polish sign
language? Or just 'loan-names', like SignWritng?

The grammar of Norwegian sign language is very much different from the
grammar of spoken Norwegian - for instanse, in spoken Norwegian, nouns will
have one three genders, while in NSL there is no gender.


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>June 9, 2005
>>But there is another issue my professor has raised. Namely, all  nouns,
>>including foreign language nouns, are to inflect for case.  And we have 7
>>grammar cases. So, for example the genitive for  SignWriting would be
>>SignWritingu, and the dative would be  SignWritingowi! My professor says
>>it looks macaronic!! But I don't  care about that, the noun marketing
>>inflects too! grin...Lucyna
>Hello Lucyna and Everyone -
>I think your decision to keep the name in English for now, is a wise
>decision. It helps the rest of the world know what you are talking
>about...but if later, the Deaf Community wants to translate into  Polish
>spoken language, you can always do that later...This decision  is "for now"
>and is not solid like stone!
>And I know about your cases in your spoken language. And of course,  since
>SignWriting is an English word, it must look weird with your  cases
>attached after the English word...But isn't that true for other  foreign
>words that you use within the Polish spoken language? Surely  you must have
>other foregin words used daily. For example, how do you  say the name
>Microsoft in Polish spoken language? Do you translate  the word Microsoft?
>I doubt it. And I bet it seemed weird in the  beginning, but overtime you
>probably have gotten used to the word  Microsoft in Polish? And how do you
>say my last name...Sutton...in  Polish? You can't translate it, right? So
>your professor needs to see  the name SignWriting as proper name with no
>translation..at least for  now!
>Val ;-)

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