[sw-l] SignWriter - feature "gloss" input method

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Jun 1 00:31:22 UTC 2005

Hi Barbara,

I'm glad you like the ideas.  As an editor of the SignPuddle 2.0
dictionary, I updated your sign's labels.  I identified the keywords and
indented the description.  If you change the display to Words, the list
will look much better.  New keywords (or phases) can be added on new
lines.  I will clean up the input and display and it should work very

If you really want to play around, you should check out the security
updates.  I can make you an administrator for the dictionary, just send
a name and email address to slevin at signpuddle.net.  Currently you can
only update the one sign you created.  As an editor you could edit any
sign.  As a manager, you can invite other members and select editors.
As an administrator you can change the type of dictionary.

The online help is also exciting.  Check it out for a growing list of
useful information.

Next month's Beta will include documents.  Documents contain IMWA
symbols and Unicode characters (maybe images).  The documents contain
new signs dictionary signs, and updated dictionary signs.  You should be
able to read and write the dictionary the same way you read and write a
document. I'm not sure if the term SignText still applies because it
will do so much more.  I'm hoping to impress Stuart with this one.  It
should become a real writers platform.  Sorry Stefan, still not typing.

It will be adequate for email, web publishing, wiki publishing, and
PDF.   Statistics will be possible for symbol usage and sign usage.

I am thinking of SignPuddle 2.0 as computer aided drafting for
dictionaries and documents using the IMWA Symbols and SignWriting Rules.

I do believe that manual signing, handwriting or typing is still the
best way to write any original work of sign language.  I support the
idea of typing, but SignPuddle 2.0 will not work with any SignWriters
version until they adopt the IMWA standard with SSS id numbers.  Writing
with verticle lanes can only be done by hand.  Next month's beta should
change that.

Thanks for your interest,

Barbara Pennacchi wrote:

> On 31.05.05 21:28, Valerie Sutton wrote:
>> Before I go offline for the day, I just want to congratulate you,
>> Steve,  on the new SignPuddle 2.0. It is really terrific! I hope some
>> of our  List members will take a look and then give Steve some
>> feedback, on  SignPuddle 2.0...If there is something you do not
>> understand or like,  tell Steve so that it can become a program you
>> want to use...smile...
>> SignPuddle 2.0 beta test area
>> http://www.signpuddle.org/dictionary/community/puddle/Welcome.php
> omigawd, it's becoming more of a real dictionary than of a "lexicary" :)
> ... could I use signwriting within "labels" in some future to input a
> signwritten explanation of the sign? :) (starting to drool)
> searching by symbols still eludes me, but an asterisk in search by
> words  gives me all the signs in the new SP2.0's dictionary, including
> my attempt  to create a decent dictionary/vocabulary entry. :)
> tell me what do you think about my "use" of SP :)...
> thanks!
> P.S.: two more suggestions. 1) change those "labels" (haha), label 'em
> as  "Definition/Explanation" :) 2) it would be much easier to have
> multi- lingual buttons if the content of the 5 big square buttons is
> separated in  text and sign, instead of smooshing 'em into 5 pics.

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