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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Jun 1 17:03:15 UTC 2005

Hi Valerie - 

thanks for this lesson - 

I looked at my dictionary - to compare my spelling - 

I did not look at the video - so it might not go along with that -
On the other hand I saw deaf people signing "Australia"  here in Germany
with kind of up - forward - down movement - 
 I am curious - and anxious to improve my reading skills - 

I interpret your spelling as if you do a "complete" circle movement first
and afterwards move your hands down with flicking open the hand - 

I think that this doubled information (flick - symbol) and presentation of
the handshape in the final position is ok - but not necessary - 

Especially at school and for documents written for children I got used to
our "rule" (smile) just write as few symbols as are really necessary... 

Attached you find a gif with variations on my spellings - do you agree with
that too ? 

Stefan ;-)

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> Antony Daamen wrote:
>> My attempt at SignWriting:
>> have a look at this website:


Hello Antony!
I viewed the video of the sign, and it appears to use the 8  
handshape, and then finishes in a spread-5 handshape. It is a hard  
sign to write, because it has a circular movement first, before  
flicking open to the 5-hand. So here is the way I wrote the sign. It  
is located in the Australian Sign Puddle on the web:

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