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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jun 2 16:02:03 UTC 2005

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June 2, 2005

Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Thanks for sending the picture Val.  I only see ?? rather than
> Japanese.  Do I need to load a true type font file?
>  Does this mean I have Unicode working?  I haven't tested it yet
> myself.


Hello Steve and Everyone!
I am surprised that you cannot see the Japanese. The Macintosh, which
I use, can even receive email in Japanese now, so I suspect they have
somehow programmed the new Mac operating systems to recognize
Unicode....I do not know what machine Mark is on, but it is possible
that Mark is running on an operating system that was made for
Japanese...and that also uses Unicode is my guess...

So it will be pretty hard for you to test the Unicode if you cannot
read Unicode on your own computer...I assumed that Windows XP had the
foreign language capabilities...Have you gone into your XP operating
system under languages and keyboards and chosen the languages you
want to use? Maybe Japanese is there?

So it looks like your server is using Unicode, whether your computer
can read it or not!

Japanese cannot be typed with just one True Type Font, since there
are too many characters to fit on one font...that is why Unicode is
needed to manage the many fonts needed to type Japanese...

So you have succeeded, Steve, and I think we need to test the Unicode
together...I am afraid this means that SignPuddle 2.0 users will need
to have their operating systems setup to view Unicode too...or am I

Does anyone on the SignWriting List know how to help Steve view
Unicode on Windows XP? Go to


and choose Search by Words, and click on Words, and then press Search
and you will get the Japanese entries at the bottom (see attached

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