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pennersw at YBB.NE.JP pennersw at YBB.NE.JP
Fri Jun 3 02:24:29 UTC 2005

No hurry on getting menus in Japanese. Just finding out the
possibilities before I get too excited!! Of course, menus in Japanese
Sign is where we *really* want to go eventually. But Japanese input is
working, and that's a huge plus.

My operating system is Japanese Windows XP.  My wife's computer is
English XP, and with a free add-in or something from Microsoft, I am
able to type in Japanese on her's as well. A bit cumbersome getting to
Japanese input mode, but not so bad once you learn it. So I think any XP
has the potential of typing in Japanese.


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SignWriting List
June 2, 2005

Mark Penner from Japan wrote:

And my entry came out in Japanese.  Does this mean that is is also
possible for the Japanese Sign Language section to have all the menus
written in Japanese as well? What would need to be done for this to

Mark -
I think we need take one step at a time...It is clear that you will be
able to have all your sign-entries written in Japanese, and other
languages too, if you wish, when SignPuddle 2.0 is ready, and that is a
big leap in the right direction...Let's get that stable first, before we
jump to having all the menus in Japanese too...

Can you tell us how you typed the Japanese? Are you on an operating
system that types Japanese? What computer and operating system are you
using?  Val ;-)

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